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For years people have had their cars valeted to keep them looking like they have just rolled out of the showroom. Now, thanks to Splash, your marine craft can be kept in that same "tip-top" condition.

Is your boat or yacht's paint faded and past its best?

- Splash will restore that "new" look for a fraction of the cost of a re-paint.

Is the interior of your craft looking a little jaded and shabby?

- Splash will rejuvenate it - making it an altogether more pleasant ambience for you and your passengers.

paintwork protection

For worry-free marine craft cleaning and paintwork maintenance, Splash is the answer - from a simple Power Wash to a full blown paintwork rejuvenation, we have a program to suit you:

Power Wash

After a thorough steam clean we wash your craft with the finest quality brushes and bio-degradable detergents. We finish the job with gentle chamois leathers to ensure a scratch-free, streak-free finish on all windows, brightwork and painted surfaces.



Let's face it, if you want a quick "wipe down" you may as well do it yourself - yet with some valeting companies that's pretty much all you get. At Splash we take pride in our work. No matter whether your craft is in or out of the water, you can rest assured that we will do a thorough job - paying attention to detail. Often our customers cannot believe the way we transform shabby cabins and grubby cockpits into "nice places to be".

Acrylic Plus Protection

polishing machines

Frequent scrubbing accelerates the breakdown of gelcoat surfaces. TOUGHSEAL elimates the need to scrub. When Splash technicians apply the TOUGHSEAL paintwork protection system with our Acrylic Plus formulation to your marine craft, the result will be a diamond hard shine. But TOUGHSEAL is not just about looks: it also discourages algae and barnacle adhesion and protects your boat against such harmful elements as Salt Water, Exhaust Fumes, UV Rays, Acid Rain, Insect Acid, Bird Droppings and Diesel and Petrol splashes.

And that's not all:
TOUGHSEAL reduces the drag coefficient of your craft - so you can look forward to better fuel economy and enhanced performance too!

What benefits can I expect?

  • Deep, glossy "Show Room" lustre
  • Save time and money - no more waxing!
  • Gelcoat and paint protected from harmful elements
  • No more scrubbing (simply wash with water)
  • Your boat stays cleaner between washes
  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced prestige
  • Increased resale value


How does TOUGHSEAL work? - click here to find out


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To ensure a speedy, accurate quotation please include the following information:

Location of craft
Make, Model and Type
Number of engines
Number of seats and berths

Type of valet required:

    1. Exterior Power Wash
    2. Interior only
    3. Exterior Power Wash + Interior
    4. Exterior Power Wash + TOUGHSEAL
    5. Exterior Power Wash + TOUGHSEAL + Interior

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